Vicky was selected by the TOWIE editors to be their fitness instructor!!!


Since 17th July 2015 Vicky has filmed several classes as part of TOWIE’s TV series on ITV Be

In this class, I had Verity, Vas & Lauren and they all had a laugh with ‘twerking’, they gave it their all and we had great fun!

This particular filming was photographed by the Daily Mail & these are the pics…

Towie Twerking 2

After the class they sat down to have their ‘chat’ and then Vas showed the girls the ‘revealing video’ that was shown in the season finale!



So here’s the recording of us twerking:

Towie & Me


This is the episode of TOWIE when I teach Kate, Nicole & Bobby to Hula Hoop:

This is my personal favourite so far as they were all sooooooo good at hooping & we really did have such a good laugh with it on & off the cameras!

TOWIE Bobby Kate Nicole

Next week is Body Pump… watch this space

So when I see you in classes next I expect you to ask for my autograph now I am ‘friends’ with some celebrities!!! 😉

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