Hula Hoop

Are you Hoopalicious?

I think you all know by now that we love Hula hoops and it hasn’t taken us very long to get most of you addicted too! Not only is hula hooping fun it is one of the most fabulous workouts ever! I can definitely say I have found new muscles around my waist that I never knew I had! Hula Hoop exercise classes are superb for toning the waist, hips, legs and bum as well as being a great aerobic workout too! If you haven’t tried hooping with one of these hoops specifically designed for fitness then you don’t know what you are missing out on?! They are so much easier to use than trying (hopelessly in my case) to use a little child’s hoop as these hoops are bigger so it is far easier to keep them spinning. So now I’ve got the ‘hula hooping bug’!

‘Hoopalicious’ hula hoop classes are perfect for:

  • Toning the waist, hips and bum
  • Getting every part of your body moving in brand new ways?!
  • Burning plenty of calories
  • Having loads of fun!

As Seen on TOWIE!

Check Vicky out teaching Kate, Bobby & Nicole from The Only Way Is Essex to Hula Hoop:

Due to the massive success and popularity of Hula Hoop courses we will be running courses throughout 2018. So if you haven’t tried it yet now is your chance to Love Hula!!


The exercise class is suitable for you whether you have used a hula hoop before or not. It will be a 30 minute blast of hula hooping fun with plenty of cutting edge fat burning exercises and innovative toning exercises, all using the fantastically fun hula hoop!!!

Six Week Course Rayleigh
Wed 9th January – Wed 13th February 2019
7pm – 7:30pm
At: Mill Hall, Rayleigh
£28 for 6 week course
. Courses need to be booked & paid for in advance.
Places go fast & are limited due to space & number of hoops

Want to be the first to know once the new course dates are released? Email us via the Contact page to be added to the priority list

I can guarantee you will burn plenty of calories and the class will be great fun! You will be able to hoop by the end of the session & I am sure you will all become as addicted as us after the first class!!

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