50+ Stretch & Tone

These exercise classes are very popular, fun and friendly socialble classes; in fact I think most people come mainly so that they can all meet up for a chat in the coffee shop afterwards!!

Exercise is always important for maintaining and improving your overall health but it becomes even more important as you get older. Regular exercise will increase bone strength and density, help to lower high blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol and boost the immune system helping to ward off coughs, colds and infections. Regular exercise also helps keep your heart healthy, greatly reducing the risk of heart disease.

50+ Stretch & Tone is a gentle exercise class using chairs, bands & balls to maintain a full range of movement through your joints and increase strength; named by people who attend the class as the ‘stretch and tone’ exercise class.

Stretch and Tone is the perfect exercise class for:

  • Maintaining strength and range of movement in joints
  • Increasing flexibility and improving posture
  • Improving muscle tone and bone density
  • Socialising!

stretch-tone-rayleigh-2This exercise class aims to increase flexibility, and improve posture and strength, flowing beautifully through a mixture of different exercises and sequences, some standing and some sitting on chairs great for boosting circulation.



stretch-tone-1Stretch & Tone is an extremely friendly and sociable fitness class, there are a complete mixture of ages from 50 to 85 years and older! The class allows you to go entirely at your own pace and rest whenever you feel you need to. You will leave feeling happier, brighter and energised!


50+ Stretch & Tone Exercise Class
Wednesday 10:45am-11:30am Mill Hall, Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, Essex £4.50
Thursday 10:15am – 11am Hockley & Hawkwell Methodist Church, Main Road, Hockley, Essex £4.50

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